Which Programming Language Is the Most Fun to Learn?

When you enroll in a computer programming class, you should probably expect an intense time, but no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. If that reference is lost on you, then the Python programming language might not be the way to go. Named after the famous British comedy troupe Monty Python, the language is described by its builder as a "very-high-level language" that's "simple to use." Yes, that kind of sounds like something from one of the group's sketches, which is probably because the Python programming language is not only named after the hugely popular BBC show that first aired in 1969, but when you're working on it, you're encouraged to toss in some Python-esque humor whenever possible. Still, it's a serious language. According to its website, Python "combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls and libraries." It can also be used on PCs, Macs, and with many Unix variants. Guido van Rossum, the Dutch developer who created Python, released it in 1991 but oversaw its management until 2018. He was given the title of "Benevolent Dictator for Life."

They were something completely different:

  • The Monty Python members tried many other strange, non-sequitur names before settling on Monty Python's Flying Circus; it has no other meaning.
  • At Monty Python member Graham Chapman's funeral in 1989, everyone gathered to sing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," from The Life of Brian.
  • The famous "Dead Parrot" sketch was based on a car salesman who refused to admit any issues with the vehicle to potential buyer Michael Palin.
More Info: Python Software Foundation

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