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What is WebSphere® Process Server?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

There are many software products available to organize and manage the business functions of a company. Websphere® process server (WPS) is a software tool developed by IBM to manage the automation of a company's business processes. This tool enables the coding of complex work flows and business rules into a configuration tool.

This software is used in online banking services and Internet-based commerce. Websphere® process server manages these services because WPS produces higher scalability for reusability of these independent functions. The Websphere® process server requires extensive memory and hardware to perform effectively. Companies considering this approach should prepare for a considerable financial investment. As with any enterprise solution, this will typically require a significant capital investment that will last for several years.

Racks of servers.
Racks of servers.

Developing software for business use is significantly different than creating software for other uses. Developers must understand both business functions and BPEL scripting techniques. Websphere® process server manages and coordinates the interaction of a company's multiple business modules.

Websphere® process server runs on the IBM Websphere® application suite. This set of software products was developed by IBM Corporation to manage Internet-based applications. WPS is typically distributed across multiple hardware servers, which increases reliability and performance of the entire application suite.

Business process orchestration is one of the greatest benefits of using the Websphere® process server. This is a technique where existing business services are combined to create new products and work flows. Most large companies have adopted a service-based technology to enable faster delivery of products.

A good example of process orchestration in practice is an online commerce websites. When a customer selects a product, the website will automatically suggest additional, similar products. This allows the company to sell additional services based on the spending habits of a particular customer.

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    • Racks of servers.
      Racks of servers.