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What Is a Storage Record?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers

A storage record is a set of data that is interrelated. Computers keep and link information in a storage record that can be recalled when a user or a program wants to locate everything related to a record index or object. Database management systems often use storage records to classify and organize information which is usually entered in fields.

Users are able to define a storage record in a database by linking inputs to a common index or object. For example, separate fields such as a telephone number and address can be linked to an individual name, which is the index for the record. Many databases allow for a more elaborate classification system, which may group numerous inputs under one object. Database management systems are a convenient way to be able to instantly pull up all the information that is associated with a single record.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Mobile computer technology uses storage records when users create address books or groups of Internet links. In these records, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information are associated with a name. Speed dial functions are another form of storage record, since names or phone numbers are associated with a single keypad number.

Searches can also be conducted in a database management system to pull up a storage record if it contains information related to a user-defined keyword or relationship. For example, if a user wants to locate all sales transactions within a certain date range, the database management system will search all records that contain the dates specified in the range. As users find new associations they can create a new storage record to link separate fields of data together.

Software applications pull data that is stored on a hard drive or server database and display the information according to predefined sets. For example, a record pulled using a student's name may contain his identification (ID) number, enrolled courses and earned grades. The information contained in the storage record is actually entered into different fields in the database program. The separate fields pull up as one record when the student's name is used as the search keyword since all of the fields are tied to his name.

Several storage records can be stored in files. For example, a file might contain the records of all of the students enrolled in a particular course or school. Each student listing remains a separate storage record within the file. In addition, each record contains the same fields and type of information. For instance, in a course file each student record might list the student ID, course number and grade earned.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer