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What is a Google® Co-Op?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Google® Co-op is the former name of Google® Custom Search. It's a platform presented by Google® that gives web developers control over searches on the Internet. Using a Google® Co-op search function, web developers can modify and categorize search engine queries and can display specific information during searches. There are three main components to a Google® Co-op: a custom search engine, topics and subscribed links.

Topics can be an integral component to a Google® Co-op. Topics can be seen after a search has been performed and are displayed above Google® searches. The content of topics can be aggregated by various users who are knowledgeable in the area. Topics are useful to those users who want to further and quickly refine search results so that something relevant to their query shows. For example, someone looking for information on illnesses can click on the "Health" topic provided.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

A part of the Google® Co-op experience includes subscribed links. Subscribed links are part of the results that are retrieved after a search engine performs its duty. Some web results can give visitors the option of subscribing to the result through a link. Subscriptions can be managed in a directory.

Google® Co-op can be profitable for those who want to incorporate it onto their websites. Website owners can have the search engines function alongside Google® AdSense and have relevant results returned alongside advertisements. These advertisements can lead to additional revenue for the website owner, who can profit from the clicks of visitors. The advertisement feature is optional.

Implementing a custom search engine on an official company website can have many advantages for a business owner. Google® Co-op can give web developers control over queries and results, so business owners who incorporate custom search engines can find that they reinforce branding, and as a result, they can enjoy higher rates of conversions and customer retention. For example, if results are returned against the backdrop of the company's own logo, the company's brand can be reinforced while a visitor searches for his or her desired information.

A Google® Co-op search function can be used on websites and blogs alike. Implementing a feature such as autocompletions, which show lists of queries as the user begins to type in the search field, can make the experience easier for those who are new to custom search engines. The service can provide a valuable indexing feature for website owners who want to index content quickly and efficiently. With as much control as they provide website owners and searchers, custom search engines can function as a good solution for quick Internet queries.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer