Colon Cleansing at Home

Colon cleansing at home is popular because colon cleansing is inherently very personal. Most people are too embarrassed to go to a hydrotherapy clinic and have their colon cleansed. One of the reasons colon cancer is so prevalent is because people do not talk about their bowel issues.

They don't even discuss them with their doctors. There are millions of Americans who suffer from one form of bowel problem or another. Millions of us suffer in silence. Most of us try over the counter products to try and help solve our colon problems.

When we suffer in silence we run the risk of these issues becoming more serious. They can even develop into cancer. Colon cleansing at home is one way we can help keep our colons healthy. Colon cleansing can be safely performed in the safety and pleasure of your own home.

Some of the ways we can know if we need to perform a colon cleanse is by taking stock of our general health. A sick colon can cause many health issues. Some of the health issues caused by sick colons are:

  • Bad Breathe: If you find that you have foul breathe it may be due to toxins built up in your colon. This is one of the first tests a homeopathic therapist will perform.
  • Acne: Acne that begins to appear unexpectedly can be a sign of toxins in your colon.
  • Headaches:  Frequent headaches maybe due to the toxins that are building up in your blood from your colon.
  • Fatigue: Toxins in the colon drag down your body's immune system and can make you feel very tired.

These are a few of the symptoms most people have when toxins build up in their colons. If you have any of them you may need to perform a colon cleanse. So how do you cleanse your colon at home? Follow these steps to cleanse your colon:

  • Consult your doctor: You should check with your doctor before performing a colon cleanse at home. Your doctor should perform some basic lab tests to make sure you are healthy enough to perform the colon cleanse.
  • Fast: You should fast for at least a week before performing your colon cleanse at home. You should only eat organic green vegetables during your fast. The last day of your fast you should not eat at all. 
  • Water: You should drink plenty of water before and after your colon cleanse. This will help you expel toxins and also ensure you do not get dehydrated.
  • Supplements: You should start your colon cleanse with an herbal supplement designed for colon cleansing. These supplements are designed to help your body expel all of the toxins built up in your colon. 
  • Prepare: You should perform your colon cleanse on the Friday of a long weekend. Give your body time to relax and recover. It is important that you arrange to have time off from work in order to perform your colon cleanse at home.
  • High Water Enema: The corner stone of your colon cleanse at home will be the high water enema. This is where your colon really gets cleansed. The herbs help lubricate your colon and get things moving. The enema flushes the colon. This is the step most people do not want to perform. Yet, it is the most important. The water should be prepared.  There are colon cleansing formulas you can purchase to mix in your enema water. You can also prepare your own. Warm water with a cup of salt is all you need.  The salt is optional. The water should be slightly warm.
  • Relax and rest: After your enema you should continue to take your herbal colon cleansers.  Take them through the second day to make sure your colon is completely flushed. You will also begin to eat again. Remember, don't over eat. You should also drink lots of clear liquids and water. Eat and drink normally the third day. Rest and relax. This is hard for some people. This is because most people get a tremendous energy boost after they flush their colons. It is important to rest and relax after a colon cleanse.

This is a very simple, basic colon cleanse at home. There are a wide variety of colon cleansing products to help you perform your colon cleanse. Check out your local health food store for some examples. Research the products on the Internet and make an informed choice about which colon cleansing product to purchase.

Colon cleansing at home is a very effective way to rid your body of toxic build up and the first step to a healthier life.


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