Colon Cancer Survival Rate

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Colon cancer survival rates vary, depending upon the severity of the condition. However, it has been estimated that in more than 80% of patients the tumor has already spread. In this case, it cannot be removed.

A majority of these people will not be alive until 5 years later. The colon cancer survival rate can be increased, however, with early detection. Early detection is being stressed to help increase patient survival rates.

Advanced State Cancer

However, patients with advanced colon cancer, wherein the tumor has moved
beyond the bowel wall the five-year survival rate is less than 10%. Liver metastasis is also another common problem with people who have advanced colon cancer.

About 10 to 15 % of colon cancer patients suffer from liver metastases when they are first diagnosed with advanced cancer. Then, a majority of cases (about 75%) will suffer liver metastases later on.

Another study reported no differences in survival rates based on gender. This disease seems to affect both male and females equally.

The above examples of colon cancer survival rates are by no means a clear indicator of what will come about to a patient. However, they suggest that the chances a cancer patient has of surviving the illness for a specific length of time.

These statistics can at finest estimate a patient's chances of what might take place to him, so that a specific course of treatment can be devised. This can be determined based on what has happened to other patients in comparable circumstances as described above.


You can fix colon cancer easily if it is identified early enough. Early diagnosis can quite possibly even save a life. That is why regular colon cancer screening is advised.

Acquiring all the info you possibly can is also important. It is vital to your health and happiness to know what you are getting yourself into when dealing with colon cancer at any stage.

o know is to be empowered. Therefore, never stop seeking treatment information. Furthermore, while being treated follow your doctor’s treatment and care advice.

This includes both administering treatments at home or in the doctor (or specialist) office as direction, as well as cooperating with all professionals.

In the process of being treated, you are likely to also learn how to make more sound lifestyle and diet choices. If you eat better, stop smoking, or stop drinking alcohol for example you may have a second chance at life.

One form of treatment that may be administered to colon cancer patients is hydrotherapy. This is a case in which a doctor inserts purified water using a pencil-sized nozzle about 2/4 inches into a patient’s anus.

The purified water enters the client without pressure or discomfort and begins the cleansing process. This may not be enough for the most advanced cases. However, it may help correct cases that have been detected early.